• 0 South Cherokee Lane •

• Woodstock, GA • 30188 • USA •

• 0 South Cherokee Lane • Woodstock (Cherokee County), GA 30188 •

• 4.4 acre Parcel In • Marietta (Cobb County), GA 30066 includes •

Zoning, Utilities and other Information

Subject Property (Cobb portion)

Cobb County

Subject Property (Cherokee portion)

Zoned R-80

Zoned R-15

The information below is, to the best of our knowledge, the current information. However, governments like to fiddle with policy and specs so make sure that you verify any information that would be pertinent to your project!

Owner and agent is not responsible for any information in error.

When you look at the survey, you will see a small slice of land (~.47 acres) that is in Cherokee County. The balance of the acreage (~3.9 acres) is in Cobb County and is Zoned R-15 (one house per 15,000 SF.)

~3.93 Acres

~4.4 Acres Total - both parcels

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Subject Property

Subject Property

Cobb County Water

Cobb County Sewer

As of a meeting with Cobb County Sewer and Water on July 27, 2023, both Water and Sewer access is at the near end of both Raven Trail and Hawks Trace i.e. a few feet from the Subject Property. Of course while this may be the case at your purchase, you should verify that this is still the case.